Sunday, August 22, 2010


At 6:30 this morning, Addison was walking into our room to wake us up.  We hear her talking and she drops her bear and continues to walk.  Addison trips on the bear and goes face first and slams her mouth onto the wood at the bottom of our bed. Screams!!!! I pick her up and there is blood everywhere.  All I could think was, "She BUSTED her mouth AGAIN!" I automatically looked at her teeth, because I just knew that there was another tooth either chipped or pushed up into her gum.  We cleaned up the blood to figure out the source of it, she bit down on her lip and there are teeth indentions and she cut her upper gum pretty bad, no missing teeth or partially missing teeth.  We went to the Urgent Care at 6:30, but no one was there, so we went home and hung out until 9:00.  The Doctor said there was no need for stitches and she need to befriend some popsicles, motrin, and tylenol! I think we can handle that.  She was soooo good for the doctor, too.  She laid so still, no tears, no fears! I think after going to the doctor so often in her short little life, she has no issue going!

SO I wanted to show the BUSTED mouth picture...poor baby!!
Much Love,
The Reynolds


  1. sweet sweet girl that looks awful makes nana cry for you.

  2. Well, I guess your daughter is going to be accident prone when it comes to her face. That does look pretty bad. Hope you guys don't have blood stains everywhere.

  3. Poor girl! Sounds like she was very brave though. Glad everything is ok!

  4. You know what makes me cry, Nana? When you post as anonymous.