Monday, October 19, 2009

The Salesman!

It is that time of year again for Addison to sell the Angelic Candles for her school. We would love anyone interested to let us know!!! There are many reasons for you to buy these candles from Addison. Let us list the ways:
1. You will be helping Addison get new toys and learning materials for her classroom, as well as the entire school.
2. It will make your house smell sooooo pretty!!
3. You could make someone else's house smell soooo pretty by buying it for a Christmas gift or any occasion.
4. Everyone LOVES CANDLES!!!

Here are a list of the different scents:
~ Seasons- Citrus and Spices
~ Baked Apple- Apples and Cinnamon
~ Black Cherry
~ Honeysuckle
~ Pineaple Beach- Pineapple and Mango
~ Cinnamon Spice
~ Fruit of the Spirit - Sweet Pomegranate
~ Butter Cookie
~ Fresh Linen
~ French Vanilla

The various sizes that you can buy include:
3 oz- $7.00
8 oz- $14.00
13 oz- $18.00
Quickmelt Candle for a candle warmer- $14.00
Candle Warmer- $12.00
(Checks can be made out to Miss Robin's Day School)

Thank you so much again for helping Addison and her school- Miss Robin's Day School!

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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